Giving Back

make life worth living

We’re proud to have partnered many like-minded individuals who share our passion in giving back to marginalized communities.

Contribution comes in many forms, and while we provide monetary assistance in meeting the necessities for the children, our friends and partners have contributed in their own meaningful ways.

For instance, a hairstylist has graciously provided free haircuts to the children, and a retired teacher has shared his knowledge by giving English lessons to the children.

We want to Make Life Worth Living through every interaction.

It is heart warming to see a company like Bali bee giving back to the community which is the heart string of a nation. Especially to the children where they can grow with proper knowledge and to excel. Inturn they are able to duplicate the same values.

Kudos Bali Bee

Adrian Png

Saya sangat kagum dan mendukung penuh keperdulian Bali Bee terhadap anak-anak panti asuhan.

Bali Bee tidak saja semata-mata ingin memperoleh keuntungan dalam busines, tetapi mau dan sangat peduli kepada anak-anak yang kurang beruntung.Ini adalah sesuatu yang sangat Mulia.

Ketahuilah.., Investasi itu tidak saja untuk hidup di dunia ini , akan tetapi investasi sangat perlu juga untuk Kita dapat hasil di akhirat nanti.Peduli dan berbagi dengan sesame adalah salah satu investasi untuk bekal Kita di akhirat nanti.

Good Luck Bali Bee ..!!!

Our Company recognises the importance of purpose and meaning in every visit to Bali. I am glad that through the services that we provide, we are able to provide visitors with the opportunity to not only enjoy Bali, but to also make their visit worthwhile.
Experiencing this initiative first hand has made my own pleasant visit to Bali filled with enriching experiences that have great purpose and meaning.
I hope many others who wish to not only enjoy Bali, but have a meaningful visit will do so by taking the opportunities and services that Bali-Bee has to offer.
Let us take pride in the life we lead and make it worth living.

Princess Jenna VK

As we carry on this path of compassion and empathy, we’re looking to create more opportunities for like-minded visitors to help in any way that they can.

If you’d like to contribute to putting smiles on their faces, get in touch with us to find out more.