Car Pass

Bali-Bee Car Pass

Industry leading flexibility

Bali Bee’s Car Pass is the first of its kind in the industry. Start and end your trip with exquisite service and unparalleled comfort

Flexibility is at the core of the pass. The Car Pass allows for 11 hours of usage at your disposal and users have unlimited rides for the validity of the pass. For instance, a 5-day Car Pass can be scheduled to be used for any 5 days in a span of 21 days. You can arrange for pick up as early as 5am or as late as 1pm, you remain in control throughout your trip.

We offer a wide range of vehicles that are ready to be mobilized at your disposal. From vehicles for a small family to minibuses that can accommodate a group of friends, there’s a safe and comfortable vehicle for everyone!

All we require:

  > One day’s notice, so we can arrange the driver and a suitable vehicle for your needs

On top of that, holders of 5 Day Passes also enjoy free airport transfer to hotels in Kuta, Tuban and Seminyak!

Children aged 2 years and below DO NOT have to pay. They travel FREE on our car pass.

Children from the aged of 3 to 11 will enjoy a 50% discount.  The discount amount will be paid to the Car Pass holder on the day of arrival.  We will indicate the amount in our follow up email.

Persons 12 years and above will have to pay full fare as an adult.



(The fare covers Car, Driver, Petrol) 

11 Hours Usage Per Day.  Can’t Beat this offer !!!

Type of Pass Cars Suitable For
Capacity 2 Persons Capacity 3 Persons Capacity 4 Persons Capacity 5 Persons Capacity 6 Persons
Small Car Small / Medium Car Medium Car Large Car / Minibus Large Car / Minibus
Price Per Car in USD
1 Day Pass 34 38 39 43 46
2 Day Pass 66 72 76 82 86
3 Day Pass 94 103 110 119 123
4 Day Pass 122 133 143 154 157
5 Day Pass 149 161 174 185 188
6 Day Pass 175 188 204 215 219
7 Day Pass 201 214 234 245 248
8 Day Pass 226 239 263 274 277
9 Day Pass 250 264 291 302 306
10 Day Pass 273 288 319 330 334
For a longer rental terms or for a larger number of passengers and or in groups please send your requirement to We have added mini buses to cater to any number of passengers in the groups.