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About Bali-bee

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At Bali-Bee, we’ve married the classic tenets of Singaporean efficiency, credibility and honesty with the vast Indonesian pools of unmistakable hospitality and unending warmth. We’ve set out to provide both transportation solutions and fuss-free holidays.

Apart from being experts in transportation and provider of unforgettable tours, we harbour a firm belief in giving back and helping the underprivileged in any way possible. We’re fully committed to providing basic necessities for orphanages and other worthy causes.


Our mission

We want to make life worth living. To do that, we’ll add service and value to responsible tourism, so tourists leave Bali feeling that they’ve contributed during their visit as well.

Our vision

We see ourselves as revolutionizing the Bali tourism scene by injecting compassion and meaning every step of the way.


  • Love for nature

    We recognize that unspoiled nature is a luxury that’s quickly turning scarce in today’s world. We want to inculcate an appreciation that is shared not only by our organisation but also our guests.

  • Involvement in community

    Community involvement is critical to us because we know how important support is. It takes a village to raise a child, and we see ourselves as helping as many people as we humanly can.

  • Fair and transparent prices

    No trip should be spoiled by dodgy dealers or pushy drivers. Making a profit should not come at the expense of our guests’ happiness.

  • Exceptional care

    We provide unrivalled care for our guests throughout every step of their trip. Vacations are meant to be enjoyed and cherished, and nobody should leave Bali unhappy.

Why choose us?

We bring together the best of both worlds – Singaporean efficiency and honesty meet Indonesian hospitality and warmth. In that vein, we want to provide comprehensive care for all our guests, we cover everything from transport to accommodation, so you never have to look elsewhere again.

We spare no expense in pleasing you. The car pass is designed with your convenience in mind. You get to enjoy unrivalled flexibility with the expertise of a local driver.

We’re not only local experts, we’re also driven to give back. Paying it forward is one of the core pillars of our business.


  • Our recruitment process is stringent to a fault. Our managers must have at least attained a Degree and most importantly all our staff must have the prerequisite passion and aptitude to serve in the hospitality industry.

  • Our drivers have an average of 5 years of driving experience and undergo a stringent training programme that is designed to focus on safety and customer satisfaction.

  • We embody full transparency. You only pay for what you want. That means no hidden costs, no pushy drivers and no unscrupulous surprises.

Our Story

We fell in love with Indonesia’s natural beauty, diverse cultures and rich traditions a long time ago, and we were inspired to share it with the world. But we noticed that many visitors did not have the option of flexible and affordable transportation. On top of that, visitors also had to deal with unscrupulous drivers who were more interested in lining their pockets with under the table commissions than providing tourists with the best experiences.

At the same time, it broke our heart when we visited orphanages and witnessed the plight of the children. From then on, we decided that we would give back and contribute to their communities in any way possible.

Check out our social responsibility page to find out more about how we’re helping the children.

With these two facets in mind, we started Bali Bee with the dream of promoting responsible tourism and meaningful trips. We want to contribute to a Bali that is both tourist and local friendly.

Our team

We’re made up of passionate individuals who have both the right aptitude and attitude. Our team is headed and run by locals who know the land, history and development of the area better than anyone. They’re also conversant in English so that they can share their favourite locations and activities with our treasured guests.